A brief


What else do you photograph besides weddings?

Everything. Really! I shoot model tests for a lot of European agencies. I also shoot an occasional commercial product shoot and personal still life and nude projects. And then there are thousands and thousands of phone images from my daily life

How did you start photographing weddings?
Friends. Few of our close friends loved my personal work and basically talked me into shooting their wedding. I had sooo much fun, and the images came out amazing! I was hooked. Looking back at it, I wish I could have started it sooner.

Where are you from? where did you grow up

I was born in Lithuania. Lived there up until my teenage years and then moved to NYC. Spent 7 years there, next two in San Francisco and LA, and then finally I moved back to Europe in my mid-twenties. Now I spend my time between London, Milan, and occasionally Paris.
What inspires you?
People with a sense of style and laissez faire attitude. Beaches and large, cosmopolitan cities. Almost everything related to Fashion/art industries.
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Race car driver! I have always loved speed and excitement.
What motivates you?
I just want to create timeless beauty. Be it images or sculptures (my hobby), I strive to make everything I do as beautiful and timeless as I can.
What do you think about when you are working?
Nothing really. It is hard to explain. I try to create work that fits your personal style and personality.
What’s next?
More weddings! More travel and more beautiful work.
What’s your favorite place in the whole world?
While I love big cities, beaches are the best! So far my favorites are in Formentera and Canary Islands